If you are wondering what does the Sony Bravia HDTV 2022 Model names and number codes mean. Here is the guide on how to determine them.

KDL: FullHD / HDReady

Which does first digits of Sony Bravia TV mean?

– The first two numbers indicate the size in inches: 40, 50, 55, 65, …

What does the next letter mean?

– This letters indicate the display type

X: 4K screen TV
S: 4K curved screen
W: FullHD flat screen
R: FullHD / HDReadyflat screen no-Smart

What does the last set of numbers mean?

– These indicate the range of the TV, The higher number, the better the model.

What means the last letter?

– This indicate the year of manufacture

D: 2016
C: 2015
B: 2014

Example for model nomenclature of 2021 Sony Bravia HD TV :

Sony XBR-65X850D: 4K
Sony XBR-65X850D: 65 inches
Sony XBR-65X850D: highrange
Sony XBR-65X850D: medium-high range
Sony XBR-65X850D: 2016