The new Edifier Bric Connect iF335BT bluetooth speaker offers built-in speakerphone functionality with vibrant audio performance at moderate levels across all genres. There is however some distortion on deeper bass at top volumes.

This Edifier Bric Connect iF335BT delivers a get quite loud on tracks without deep bass. This dark gray-and-black rectangular portable speaker is somewhat bulky and requires 6 AA batteries to operate unplugged.

It has dual 2.75-inch 6W drivers which are hidden behind the front-facing speaker grille, plus a series of buttons on the right side of the top panel toggle power, control volume, and answer phone calls. There is a 3.5mm Aux input and a connection for the included power adapter sits on the bottom right panel, and the underside of the speaker houses the battery compartment and a caddy for the remote control.

The remote allows you to switch between wireless devices streaming to the unit over Bluetooth and wired sources connected to the Aux input. You can also adjust volume, play/pause track, track forward or backward, and answer calls using the remote.

The Edifier Bric Connect iF335BT has a market price of $99 and is quite affordable than other Bluetooth speaker within the same price range. It can get quite loud. But it sounds amazing greata moderate volumes, with rich lows and well-defined mids and highs.