Gameloft offers yet another movie tie-in iOS game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for iPhone. This latest mobile game desires to create a fun, fluid action game since players explore the city and progress through the story mode, and they are forced to defend themselves against thugs and super-powered enemies.


The interface of Amazing Spider-Man 2 for iOS changes slightly in combat mode. The jump icon shifts into a fist icon, and a webbing icon and counter icon appear alongside it. Though fairly basic, these three options make for very satisfying combat. Hammering the fist icon lets Spider-Man to perform his basic combo. Tapping the web icon fires a projectile that can stun and interrupt enemies. As players obtain more skills, they earn new combos that are executed by pressing combinations of the fist and web icons.

With its great aesthetics and unlockable skills that keep the game fresh, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers a simple but truly rewarding action combat and exploration. It definitely offers a superb iOS game that Spiderman fans will enjoy.