The latest game craze Pokemon Go is already available in Philippines thru Smart and Globe telcos. They recently announced that all Pokemon gamers can now purchase or buy Pokecoins, upgrades and other time in the shop using their prepaid and postpaid account.

Pokécoins are being used to buy Pokeballs, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Egg Incubator, Bag upgrade and Storage upgrade. All this Pokemon Go items are already available in Pokémon Go shop and prices are already converted to peso (PHP) currency. When you buy Pokemon items on shop using Smart and Globe prepaid you must reload your mobile account with the amount required to purchase a particular item. You can also charge to bill if you’re a postpaid plan subscriber on both networks.

Everyone can now reload with your Globe or Smart Account (see load amount below for your reference)

Pokecoins Cost in Peso:
100 Pokecoins = 47.00 Pesos
550 Pokecoins = 235.00 Pesos
1200 Pokecoins = 469.00 Pesos
2500 Pokecoins = 935.00 Pesos
5200 Pokecoins = 1,900.00 Pesos
14500 Pokecoins = 4,700.00 Pesos

You can now buy Pokemon Go Pokecoins, Upgrade, Pokeballs using Smart and Globe