The Globe GoSakto prepaid promo has been Globe telecom’s most in-demand subscription promo for calls, texts, and Internet access by many Globe subscribers and customers. Today, Globe GoSakto app launches for Android and iOS users. Here, all Globe prepaid users now has the ability to easily register to the service promotion.

Globe GoSakto has already allowed millions of Globe prepaid users to create their own custom plan that fits to their needs and budget. This Globe prepaid promo plan gives subscribers the option to choose what to avail of (calls, texts, and/or Internet), specific types or limit of those services (NDD or IDD, number of texts, etc.), and for how long the promo lasts.

This flexibility of GoSakto promo duration can be as short as a few days or as long as one month. Once everything has been set, the users/subcribers are given an estimate of how much to pay before they confirm the registration.

For prepaid users without a smartphone, Globe GoSakto can still be accessed by dialing *143#, going to its Facebook app, or visiting the official website.

Download Globe GoSakto Now! Software application available for Android and iOS smartphone and mobile phone owners.

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