Hello to all subscribers of TNT (Talk N Text) mobile, you now have the capability to extend your favorite TNT sim promotions with their latest TNT Extend EXTRA promo. Check out the method on how to register or subscribe to this TNT promo.

How to Register and Extend your Talk N Text Call and Text promo

1. Simply text EXTRA to 4545

2. Then follow the instruction provided and select what Extra offer you want to avail.
Here is the list of possible options.

a. Extend 1 Day for only P5
b. Extra 50 Texts to TNT/SMART for only P5
c. Add extra 25 Texts to ALL NETWORKS for only P5
d. Additional minutes of calls to TNT/SMART/SUN for only 5 pesos

Just remember that this TNT Extra service is only available to selected Talk N Text promos.

Here is the list of promos available on TNT EXTRA or extend promo.

– All Text 10
– UnliTxt Plus 10 or U10
– Unli Txt Plus 20 or TP20 promo
– UnliTxt 10 or U10
– Gaan UnliTrio Plus 20 or TRI20
– Gaan Text 10 or GT10
– Gaan UnliTxt Plus 15 or GU15
– Gaan UnliTxt Plus 30 or GU30
– Gaan Text 20 or GT20
– PaTok-o-Tex 10
– Araw Araw Load 30
– UA 15
– UA 20

Do you have some questions? Simply visit TNT website or text EXTRA to 4545 thru your Talk N Text SIM mobile phone.