Hello guys! Here’s how you can avail of the Talk and Text promo. The PISOUNLI offers unli text promo while the PISONET gives you fast mobile internet surfing for only 1 peso.

How To Register the PISOUNLI P1 unlitext promo:

– Simply text PISOUNLI to 4545
– Promo : Unlimited texting to Sun, Smart and TNT
– Price : P1 peso only
– Valid for 30 minutes only

How To Register PISONET P1 internet promo :

– Simply text PISONET to 5555
– Promo Package : Enjoy 10 minutes mobile internet browsing
– Price : P1 only

You only need to wait for the message notifications indicating you have successfully enrolled on the promo. Remember, you need to maintain P1 balance while still subscribed to this promo.

Text PISO to 4545 for more details and information.