Sun Cellular Promo offers its users another exciting promotion for all sun subscribers featuring unlimited texts to Sun Cellular, Sun calls and a mobile internet for just 10 pesos valid for 1 day only dubbed as the Sun Winner TXT 10.

How to Register to Sun Winner TxT 10 using your mobile phone:

– First, you must have atleast P10 load in your mobile account, and then text WIN10 to 247.
– Then wait for the confirmation message that informs you are already registered.
– Afterwards, you can use your phone for the promo.

Make sure to wait for the confirmation message before using your phone. If not, the standard call and text rates will be charged to you.

Here are the details of the SUN Winner TXT 10 promo:

You get unlimited Sun texts, 10 minutes Sun calls and 10 minutes mobile internet surfing and browsing of your favorite websites. All that for only P10 and valid for 1 day only.

Sun Cellular Promos really do get more and more geared to budget-concious mobile and smartphone prepaid users. Thanks to Sun we can save plenty on load money and stay connected to love ones and friends.