The new Sun Cellular Surf Net Mega allows you to access Internet Broadband Surfing at very affordable price rates.

This Sun Mega Affordable Internet Surfing Promo comes in load variations of 25, 50 and 100 which allows for more enjoyable surfing lifestyles thats easy on the budget. You can enjoy as much as 500MB of mobile data of up to 5 days!


This Sun Internet Broadband Promo has validity options from 1 day up to 5 days depending on your data consumption needs. Now you can update your fb status, tweet your followers or upload your photos and keep posted with the latest happenings.

How to register in SUN Broadband Surf Net Mega 25

Just Text MEGA25 to 247
Promo Validity: 1 day
Package Price: Php 25
Included : 150MB data internet surfing for 1 day

How to register in SUN Broadband Surf Net Mega 50

Simply Text MEGA50 to 247
Validity: 3 days
Promo Price: Php 50
Inclusive of : 250MB data internet surfing for 3 days

How to register in SUN Broadband Surf Net Mega 100

Just Text MEGA100 to 247
Promo Validity: 5 days
Price Rate: Php 100
Package : 500MB data internet surfing for 5 days

SUN Surf Net Mega 25 50 100 Internet Surfing Promo

This Sun Cellular Internet Broadband Surfing promo offers more budget-friendly promo plans compare

to other mobile data packages.