Good news to all Sun Cellular subscribers. Here’s the latest Sun Surf Net Mega 25, 50 and 100 load surfing promo. Now you can surf with longers hours since its a volume based surfing. This means that eahc one is provided with a certain amount of data based on your enrolled MEGA promo.

You are also given several validity options that last a day, 3 days and 5 days for you to consume the inclusive volume of data. In case you registered for MEGA 50, your inclusive consumable is 150MB. This will last the up to 3 days unless it is not fully consumed before it reaches to last day validity.

How to register Sun Broadband MEGA LOAD 25 50 100 promo

Surf Net Mega 25
– Simply Text MEGA25 to 247
– Price : 25 pesos internet surfing
– Package : 150MB data
– Validity : Valid for 1 day

Surf Net Mega 50
– Just Text MEGA50 to 247
– Price : 50 pesos internet browsing
– Package : 250MB data
– Validity : Valid for 3 days

Surf Net Mega 100
– Simply Text MEGA100 to 247
– Promo Price : 100 pesos internet browsing
– Package : 500MB data
– Validity : Valid for 5 days

This new Sun Surf Net Mega 25 50 100 promo is way better and cheap than other UNLISURF promo. You just need to plan ahead and know your data consumption so you can choose the right promo plan for you.