Latest Smart Broadband Inc update! Here are the new SmartBro postpaid promo plans 499, 699, 999 & 1299 with free smartphone bundle and covered by the Anti-Bill shock feature. These smartbro plans postpaid lines provides everyone an opportunity to enjoy premium gadgets without giving out a large cash amount. The payments are included in the monthly billing of Smart Bro broadband internet services.


Here are the details of Smartbro Promo Plans :

For starters at Plan 499, get 30 hours of surfing with ZTE MF60 pocket WiFi and a 7-inch Acer Iconia B1 smartphone.

For as low as P699, you can already avail of the bundle Plan 699 that gives you 50 hours of surfing with the ZTE MF60 Pocket WiFi and you have the option of choosing from the following 7-inch tablets such as Alcatel T7HD, Starmobile Engage HD, Huawei MediaPad Youth or HP Slate 7.

Choose Plan 999 if you want either a 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (plus Pocket WiFi), Acer Aspire V5 112P touch laptop or Samsung ATIV Book 2 notebook. Both laptop also comes with Smart Bro Power PlugIT. This Smart bundled plan promo allows up to 50 hours of surfing. You can also opt for an iPad Mini 16GB but you have to shell out an additional Php1,500 one-time fee.

And lastly at Plan 1299, Smartbro subscribers would be able to avail 50 hours of surfing (Pocket WiFi) in a Samsung ATIV Book 2 along with a Samsung WiFi printer or Acer Aspire V5 122P Touch laptop that comes with the Acer Iconia B1-A71.

For each bundle plan details, you get an equivalent number of hours allocated for free but once you exceed this limit, users will be charged the standard rate of Php5 per 15 minutes or Internet usage. But don’t you worry, because the Smart Gadget Plus Plans Promo includes the Anti-Bill Shock Guarantee. This will ensure that all subscribers will not have to pay more than they intend to.


How does the Anti-Bill Shock work to protect me? Upon reaching a certain amount, you Smartbro Internet subscription automatically converts to unlimited surfing with corresponding charges stated below:

Anti-Bill Shock Plan Maximum Fee (Unlimited Surfing)
Plan 499 Php1,199
Plan 699 Php1,299
Plan 999 Php1,599
Plan 1299 Php1,899

Go and visit any Smart Stores nearest your location. You can also order via the Smart Online Store. All Smart Bro Promo Plans here are available for new postpaid line subscriptions only. Foir all existing users, we will have to wait for further announcement from Smart Communications.