Enjoy anytime access to YouTube, Vimeo and Viewstream on your mobile thru the latest Smart Prepaid Youtube Bundle 5 25 50 199 Promos that offers video streaming for as low as 5 pesos valid for 24 hours.

This Smart Prepaid Youtube 2015 Promo allows more mobile fun experience without compromising your existing data subscription. Now, you can watch all the newest viral videos, and other favorites and popular video on Youtube anytime on your smartphone.


How to Register to Smart Prepaid Youtube Bundles Promo Mechanics :

Smart Prepaid Youtube5 Promo Bundle

– Simply text YOUTUBE5 and send to 9999
– Promo Price: Php 5
– Validity: for 1 day only
– Included in Package : 65MB video streaming

Smart Prepaid Youtube25 Bundle

– Just text YOUTUBE25 and send to 9999
– Package Price: Php 25
– Promo Validity: 2 days
– Includes 160MB video streaming

Smart Prepaid Youtube50 Bundle

– Simply text YOUTUBE50 and send to 9999
– Promo Price: Php 50
– Time Validity: 3 days
– Package : Get 400MB video streaming

Smart Prepaid Youtube199 Bundle

– Just text YOUTUBE199 and send to 9999
– Package Price: Php 199
– Promo Validity: 30 days
– When subscribed : You get 1200 video streaming

Take note! Mobile Data usage is subject to the Fair Use Policy. This Smart Prepaid Youtube Bundles 2015 Promo is available while promo lasts.