The new PLDT myBro Plan and myDSL Promo give you all PLDT subscribers fast unlimited internet at home bundled with their PLDT telephone line. Just subscribe to myBro Plan 999 today and 50% discount off on your initial cash out and slash another 50% discount off on your first monthly subscription fee.

Here’s how the PLDT myBro Plan 999 works when you subscribe.

Plan P999
Initial Cash Out = P499
Subscription Fee for Month 1 = P499
Subscription Fee for Months 2-24 = P999
Total Discount = P1,000
Speed = 2 Mbps
Lock-in Period = 24 months

Discount is applicable to all paid applications from July 1 to December 31, 2013. Just Bring one proof of identification and one proof of address upon application. This PLDT Promo is open to all NEW subscribers of myBro Plan 999.

In cases that the subscriber’s service address has no Line-of-Sight (LOS) wherein there must be a visually unobstructed view between the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and the myBro base station, the initial cash-out will be refunded to the subscriber.

Where applicable, pre-termination fees shall apply. Pre-termination fee is computed as follows: Remaining number of months in contract x the Monthly Service Fee. The discount stated above is non-transferrable, non-convertible to cash, and non-refundable. All applications are subject to validation upon application.