Its here for the taking! Grab now the Globe MySuper Plan UNLI 599 promo, that provides unlimited calls and texts, internet surfing. This Globe Unli 599 plan allows you to post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook anytime and for as long as you want.

And there’s more. This Globe MySuperplan Unlimited 599 postpaid plan promo offers its subscribers the Lenovo A269i android smartphone for just one peso! Yes its true! Just proceed to an Allphones store and apply for a postpaid Globe MySuper Plan UNLI 599 SIM Only subscription 2014 promo.

“Allphones offers customers the best deals and the widest range of choices for mobile phone—while at the same time giving them a futuristic, fun, and convenient retail experience. Our latest offering, where an applicant can get a Lenovo A269i smartphone for only one peso, really takes the cake,” said Maureen Laus-Gallant, Allphones Philippines Marketing Head.

How To apply for the postpaid Globe MySuper Plan UNLI 599 SIM :

1.) Go to any Allphones store and present a valid ID.
2.) Choose the combos you want to be included in your postpaid plan.

Choose from the three combo plan below:

a) Super Duo offers unlimited calls to landlines and to Globe and TM mobile phones
b) Unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM numbers; and
c) Unlimited texts to all networks.

3.) Then you can now avail of Lenovo A269i smartphone for only (1) one peso additional payment.

And remember, when you get the Globe MySuper Plan UNLI 599 promo postpaid application, there is no lock-in period contract. You just pay a three months advance on its monthly P599 service fee.

“First-time Allphones postpaid account applicants get a thrill out of processing their applications using our digital process. The data they input through this process will be safe and secure. We have in place military grade security protocols that safeguard customer information,” said Laus-Gallant.

With such sweet, affordable, and exclusive deals, it’s no wonder that Filipino mobile phone users have responded enthusiastically to Allphones. In just a matter of months, Allphones has been able to establish 49 stores across the country—all thanks to their customers’ support. “We are happy to give our customers a new level of excitement and convenience in their mobile phone retail experience. We are thankful that they have responded so positively to that,” said Laus-Gallant.

Take note, the Globe MySuper Plan UNLI 599 special deal with Lenovo A269i smartphone bundle can be availed exclusively at Allphones stores from March 7 – 16, 2014 only! For more question and clarification regarding the Globe MySuper Plan UNLI 599 SIM Only deal deal offered at Allphones stores, visit the Allhones website or go to the Allphones store location nearest you.