Here’s the latest nationwide promo offer for all Smart Postpaid subscribers. You’ll enjoy this smart promo available in SurfMax 50 and SurfMax 995 promo package. This amazing load & internet package allows you to do all your favorite online activities like facebook, yahoo mail, gmail, watching youtube channels, online banking and business transactions the whole day.

Remember, Its up to up to 1GB of data per day at optima speed, if its consumed the connection will be change up to midnight. This new SMART internet promo is valid in 4G, 3G and even in 2G access.

How to avail the smart SurfMax 50 and 995 Promos :

For SurfMax 50:
– 50 pesos worth of regular load
– Postpaid subscriber
– 1 day validity
– Just text SURFMAX50 and send it to 9999

For SurfMax 995:
– 995 pesos worth of regular load or higher
– Postpaid subscriber
– 30 day validity
– Just text SURFMAX995 and send it to 9999

After sending your registration, you need to wait for the confirmation message before using the promo to avoid addition charges or invalidity of your registration. Enjoy your Smart Postpaid Promo for 2020-2021.