Now’s a great time to spend wisely with the HSBC Credit Card Rewards Promo. Everytime you purchase with your HSBC Credit Card, you’ll enjoy the Instant Rewards from their partner merchants.

How do you grab this exciting freebies. Simply spend anywhere with a minimum purchase of PHP2,500 on your HSBC card, you can already get a free meal from KFC and Teriyaki Boy.

KFC Instant Rewards Promo :

P2,500 minimum purchase :

– Spaghetti or
– Junior Sandwich

P3,000 spend requirement :

– 1 pc. Chicken, Rice, Soup and Regular Drink or
– Pasta Bowl and Regular Drink

P3,500 minimum purchase requirement :

– 1 pc Classic Fully Loaded Meal

Teriyaki Boy Instant Rewards Promo :

P3,000 minimum purchase :

– Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl, or
– Crunchy Kani Maki, or
– California Roll

P3,500 spend requirement :

– Teriyaki Boy Chicken and Gyoza Bento Box, or
– Teriyaki Boy Chicken and Kani Furai Bento, or
– Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ramen, or
– Miso Ramen

This HSBC Instant Rewards Promo for 2015 surely gives you more reasons to spend with your HSBC Credit Card. Happy Shopping!